COVID-19 Legal Update: Louisiana

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Workers' Compensation Administrative board/ commission

Workforce Commission


How does the state define an occupational disease?

§1031.1. Occupational disease.
B. An occupational disease means only that disease or illness which is due to causes and conditions characteristic of and peculiar to the particular trade, occupation, process, or employment in which the employee is exposed to such disease. Occupational disease shall include injuries due to work-related carpal tunnel syndrome. Degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, arthritis of any type, mental illness, and heart-related or perivascular disease are specifically excluded from the classification of an occupational disease for the purpose of this Section.


COVid-19 Specific Laws, agency declarations/ press releases, or enacted regulation?

​LWC Issues Emergency Rule Regarding Prescriptions
     March 19, 2020

DOI Issues Emergency Rule on Moratorium on Policy Cancellations/Non-Renewals for LA Policyholders
     March 27, 2020

OWAC's Bulletin to Ensure Work Comp Carriers to Use Telemedicine Codes
     April 1, 2020

OWCA Order on Settlements & Attorney Fee Petitions
     April 3, 2020

OWCA Issues Emergency Rule on Telemedicine/Telehealth Issues Emergency Rule on Telemedicine/Telehealth
     April 5, 2020

DOI Extends Renewal Date of Adjusters & Producers
     April 17, 2020

Enacted Legislation: Requires Health Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Testing
     June 11, 2020

Enacted Legislation: Provides Limitations of Liability Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
     June 13, 2020

OWCA Issues Emergency Rule on Medical Treatment Guidelines
     Sept. 21, 2020

Regulation Amendment Medical Treatment Guidelines (pgs. 1400-1402)
     Oct. 15, 2020


Court Closures & Modified Call

Divisional Information

Louisiana Supreme Court Issues COVID-19 Order Imposing Moratorium on Jury Trials until March 1, 2021


Is the administrative court system closed or open?

Open but no in-person thru 12/4/20 - check here for updates.


Does this state have a shelter-in-place in order?

No - order was 3/23/20 to 5/14/20; phased re-opening now.





Last Updated: 2/1/2021