COVID-19 Legal Update: Washington

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Workers' Compensation Administrative board/ commission

Labor & Industries


How does the state define an occupational disease?

RCW 51.08.140 “Occupational disease.”
“Occupational disease” means such disease or infection as arises naturally and proximately out of employment under the mandatory or elective adoption provisions of this title.


COVid-19 Specific Laws, agency declarations/ press releases, or enacted regulation?

Washington L&I 's Regional Office Policy

L&I's COVID-19 Resources

Gov. Executive Order Expands WC Coverage for Healthcare Workers & First Responders
     March 20, 2020

L&I's Temporary Telerehab Policy
     March 20, 2020

L&I Offering Grace Period to Pay Work Comp Premiums
     April 6, 2020

L&I Notice to Businesses Not Following Pandemic Closure Orders Can be Cited & Fined
     May 26, 2020

L&I Guidance on Mask Usage
     June 5, 2020

L&I Bulletin Extending Relief for Employers Stuggling to Pay Work Comp Premiums due to Pandemic
     July 29, 2020


Court Closures & Modified Call

Modified Hearings


Is the administrative court system closed or open?

Open, by appt only. Closed to the public.


Does this state have a shelter-in-place in order?

No - order was 3/23/20 to 5/31/20; phased re-opening beginning 5/4/20.


Any state-specific guidance on disability, unemployment, or health benefits for COVID-19? 

COVID-19 WC coverage for health care workers and first responders.

Telemedicine effective 3/9/2020 for 120 days.



Last Updated: 2/1/2021