Significant EPL loss can happen

GB Specialty’s Employment Practices Liability (EPL) team can reduce your exposure and help prevent the next claim from happening.

GB Specialty is a division of Gallagher Bassett, the global leader in risk and claims management services.

Emerging and evolving risks

The last few years have brought a lot of change for employers.

Businesses in every industry have seen an uptick in the frequency and severity of employment claims. Some recent trends that have brought about this rise in claims are attributed to employees working from home and returning to the office, talent gaps and staffing shortages, and wage and hour tracking. 

The following are the most common employment practices liability exposures:

 Wrongful termination
 Failure to promote
 Sexual harassment
Freedom of speech
 Breach of HIPPA privacy laws
 Wage and hour

How are rising EPL matters affecting your business?


Increased exposure to financial and reputational damages

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Climbing defense costs

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Ever-increasing allocation of internal resources to resolve disputes

Our dedicated EPL team reduces your total cost of risk

Average decrease
in defense costs
Claims closed without incurring
defense costs or engagement
of counsel
Experienced EPL
claims professionals

Our EPL team is your EPL team

our-epl-team-is-your-teamWe actively work with you to navigate your EPL insurance coverage, ensure you are getting the full benefit of the policy for your claims, assist with settlement negotiations, and orchestrate resolutions at or below targeted goals.

An emphasis on collaboration and trust enhances our business relationships and has proven invaluable in evaluating risk and indemnity and reducing claims costs. We have lowered defense costs by up to 45% via establishing negotiated rates with defense counsel and resolving matters without the need for outside counsel.

And our team of experienced EPL claims professionals can expertly manage your claims in all jurisdictions.*

We have handled more than 15,000 EPL claims for a wide variety of public and private entities. Examples of insureds include healthcare facilities, retail establishments, law firms, staffing companies, and car dealerships.

GB Specialty’s team handles claims expediently and efficiently, taking each stakeholder’s specific needs and requirements into account. We proactively keep you informed regarding the status of each case and provide timely responses, ensuring you feel confident your claims are in good hands.

*Except Puerto Rico.

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Meet the EPL leadership team


Brian Smith

SVP, Executive & Professional
Liability, EPL Lead


Nicholas Gumpel

SVP, Director of Executive &
Professional Liability


Joe Zinga

SVP, Risk Management


Jon Stambaugh

SVP, Carrier Practice


Rob Blasio

Managing Director,
GB Specialty


Charlie Lamberta

EVP, Director of Operations,
GB Specialty


Tim Over

SVP, Business Development Director

GB Specialty reduces defense costs and decreases settlements

Direct Negotiation of Pre-Suit Age and Disability Claim

Potential verdict value: $400K - $1.4M    |    Settled for: $12,500K

Wrongful Termination

GB’s EPL team assisted with early settlement efforts for an arbitration demand by a former physician against a fellow MD and the client hospital. The demand alleged gender discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.   

Potential verdict value:

$665K - $1.35M

Settled for:


Discrimination Charge
Filed with the DFEH

Through an early evaluation of risk and identification of settlement opportunities, the GB EPL team was instrumental in settling an alleged disability and age discrimination, harassment and retaliation claim pre-litigation.  

Estimated settlement range:

$50 - 60K

Settled for:


Wage and Hour Class
Action Lawsuit

A Wage and Hour class action lawsuit with exposure in excess of $125 million had been in litigation for three years prior to the implementation of our EPL program. The GB EPL team was instrumental in obtaining a defense budget, damages analysis and assisted with settlement negotiations at mediation.   

Estimated settlement range:

$2.5 - 6M

Settled for:


The GB Specialty difference

No other third-party administrator has a dedicated team of claims professionals with specialized expertise in managing EPL matters. 

Expertise by Gallagher Bassett

Expertise by Gallagher Bassett

GB Specialty is a division of Gallagher Bassett, the global leader in risk and claims management services. 

Gallagher Bassett established the GB Specialty Executive and Professional Liability practice area to bring enhanced focus to EPL claims management and litigation. 

Experienced claims professionals who know employment law in your jurisdiction

Experienced claims professionals who are experts
in employment-related matters 

Regulations and requirements vary from state to state; however, our EPL team can expertly manage your claims in all jurisdictions.*

Our team of EPL claims professionals is comprised of former defense attorneys, insurance carrier claim professionals, and experienced resolution managers. 

*Except Puerto Rico.


Claims and risk management, simplified

Claims and risk management, simplified

We partner with you to manage your current EPL claims, provide education and training, and create risk management strategies to decrease escalation and reduce friction between claimants and your company. 

In addition, our industry-leading RMIS platform, LUMINOS, compiles all your claims information into a single source that is accessible at any time. 


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