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Finding the edge to compete in our current and future market is a challenge for every company.

Managing the risks and opportunities in this complex environment requires deep expertise and specialized capabilities. For more than 50 years, Gallagher Bassett has been working with companies across North America to create a future where cutting corners becomes unthinkable and lowering their cost of risk becomes second nature.

Backed by an army of talent, a culture where safety comes first, and an unwavering determination to unlock better outcomes, Gallagher Bassett is your strongest defense against risk. No matter what you insure or how you protect your team, our risk management specialists can help you lower costs and alleviate pressure and resourcing on your team.

Through the cultivation of a culture where safety comes first and a laser focus on outcomes, Gallagher Bassett is your one-stop shop and strongest defense against risk.

We work with a wide variety of industries to achieve change in their business. See the core industries we support below and find out how some of your greatest successes can be those that never happen. 


$3.6B Total Incurred
455 Clients
58,485 New Claims
94,064 Claims Handled
$938M Total Incurred
71 Clients
18,850 New Claims
30,818 Claims Handled
$5.3B Total Incurred
656 Clients
74,859 New Claims
109,249 Claims Handled
$2.5B Total Incurred
193 Clients
96,739 New Claims
137,412 Claims Handled
$2.7B Total Incurred
106 Clients
29,234 New Claims
50,101 Claims Handled
$767M Total Incurred
59 Clients
8,564 New Claims
13,417 Claims Handled
$641M Total Incurred
218 Clients
9,584 New Claims
18,254 Claims Handled
$1.0B Total Incurred
117 Clients
52,641 New Claims
64,640 Claims Handled
$956M Total Incurred
130 Clients
27,738 New Claims
42,575 Claims Handled
$2.9B Total Incurred
608 Clients
35,280 New Claims
59,664 Claims Handled

Find out how we have built decades of knowledge

At GB, our people are our strength. Our team is comprised of technically proficient and customer focused industry experts, who are relentlessly pursuing superior outcomes for our clients. 

We have a dedicated recruitment team to identify, attract and train new and diverse professionals who can bring innovative solutions to the challenges you face. 

Our expert team can help you deliver on your business goals. You can find out how by connecting with our core team via email or LinkedIn using the links below.


Mike Hessling

CEO, North America


Joe Zinga

SVP, Risk Management


Greg McKenna

National Practice Leader, Public Entity


Adrian Garcia

Regional VP, West


Lauren Zambelli

Assistant VP, Midwest


Tom Petrosky

Regional VP, Northeast


Laura Noble

Regional VP, Southeast


Nate Frommelt

Regional VP, South Central

Find out how we tailor a solution to your needs

At Gallagher Bassett, people come first. Our investment in our people is an investment in your team – we make sure your business objectives and culture are supported by the very best. We’ve built a consultative practice that acts as an extension of your team, without the internal resourcing and costs required to develop, train and retain employees.

Together, we will work collaboratively to identify profit leaks and discover a future where your business risk is mitigated more than ever. Find out more about our approach through our case studies below.

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Find out how personalized solutions can help your company

Gallagher Bassett's knowledge and experience over more than five decades in the industry is invaluable for those wanting to find their competitive edge in a changing market.


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Find out how we reduced opioid usage by 43%

Gallagher Bassett partnered with this global manufacturer to address the impact the opioid epidemic was having on their business.



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Find out how Luminos achieved highest overall RMIS NPS five years in a row

Our bundled RMIS offering sets a new standard for fingertip access to sophisticated dashboard access. 



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Find out how a 95% quality score led to superior outcomes

Gallagher Bassett partnered with this Fortune 500 retail company to deliver superior outcomes over nearly two decades, with dedicated Resolution Managers, self-implemented quality audits and frequent performance evaluation to deliver superior claims outcomes.


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GBCare Blog

Find out how GBCare lowers medical costs 

Utilizing Gallagher Bassett's GBCare medical management platform reduces claim duration, improves self-care rates, reduces narcotics usage and improves closure rates. 


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Find out how Gallagher Bassett reduced incurred costs by more than 20%

A partnership approach delivered superior outcomes in just 12 months with a large, regional grocer, increasing closures and decreasing lost workdays


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Construction workers discuss the building plans - Image

Find out how we reduced medical costs by 19%

A key goal for risk managers is to achieve zero lost time claims and increased closure rates within workers' compensation program. Gallagher Bassett recently took a partnership-oriented approach with a global building materials company.


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Find out how we reduced program cost and drove better care at the onset of a workers' compensation incident

Discover how we used a partnership-orientated approach to provide leading expertise to one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing providers of personal home care and support services.


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Find out how we used market-leading technology to increase claims closure rates and drive productivity

Learn how we used a long-term partnership approach and market-leading technology to return eight days of productivity and provide a more efficient method to an organization’s claim-strategy reviews.


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Find out how we go beyond expectations

Our clients and the results we achieve for them speak for themselves, and we are so proud to share the feedback our team has received in recent years.

Find out how we have helped shift the dial for clients across a broad spectrum of industries in the below testimonials.

Find out how we provide market leading expertise

At Gallagher Bassett, we have invested in the tools and expertise to build a safer and stronger future for your business. Find out how we can help you go bigger by growing better with our handy resources and thought leadership articles below.

Through this, you will see how we have adapted to the new opportunities and challenges we all now face in the risk management landscape, and lead the industry in corporate governance and other market factors.

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Free action plan: Develop your winning strategy

Use this document to identify the risks facing your company, the talent available in your team and evaluate and prioritize the risks you want to tackle to make an impact. Whether you're new to your role or just wanting to refresh your strategy, this template will help you develop the right approach to risk.

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Find out how Gallagher Bassett helps businesses grow

Finding the edge to compete in our current and future market is a challenge. Managing the risks and opportunities in this complex environment requires deep expertise and specialized capabilities. For more than 50 years, Gallagher Bassett has worked with companies across North America.

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Find out how GBCARE lowered costs by 39%

GBCARE is part of our extensive technology suite, which gives our partners access to the latest predictive analytics platforms that make a real difference to their organization. 
It integrates advanced analytics with the resolution manager's desktop, creating an effective treatment ecosystem.

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Find out how we help you address challenges

Our team regularly shares new perspective, resources and case studies in response to market trends. If you'd like to stay across our latest news and insights, you can follow us on LinkedIn or share your email below to subscribe.

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