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Public Sector

Public entities face the constant pressures of demonstrating responsibility with public funds while managing to do more with less. 

Gallagher Bassett’s Public Sector team provides true partnership and tailored solutions that serve those who serve our communities. Our experienced people recognize and adapt to the specific needs and concerns of the public sector while protecting the resources needed for the common good. Our robust network of services providers and proven suite of data analytics tools helps bring our clients and their claimants safely through to the best possible outcome. 

That’s why school districts, as well as municipal, county and state governments all put their trust in our people to deliver a higher level of care and service at every level.

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The Art of Influence: Establishing Trust in the Public 

Influencing other people is difficult. Even under ideal circumstances, changing another person’s mindset, let alone their behavior, is challenging. Greg McKenna explores the innovative ways public risk managers are optimizing their partnerships to expand their influence across departments and agencies.

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Protecting the Public Trust | Decision ’22

This edition of Industry Insights will analyze how governmental decision-making and the ways in which public-private partnerships help achieve superior outcomes, one decision at a time. Read more of Greg McKenna’s thoughts here.



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Protecting the Public Trust | The Value of Continuous Improvement

This edition of Industry Insights explores the role of change in the public sector, demonstrating how an effective change management framework, cohesive communication campaign, and a scientific triage process can help your administration seek a better way forward.

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Patients count on you to support their evolving health needs while also managing the complex risks associated with running a successful healthcare business.

The GB Healthcare team provides healthcare professional liability claims and risk management consultative solutions to lower your total cost of risk.

We partner with you, working as an extension of your team and collaborating to deliver tangible results while mitigating future exposure in the future. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, our team brings a unique combination of insights drawn from all sides of the insurance, legal, and compliance spectrum. We know your challenges and we are committed to providing quality service beyond expectation to help you achieve superior outcomes.


Keep It Simple: Breaking Down Complex Healthcare Risk and Moving Toward Execution

When it comes to solving complex issues in healthcare, the reality is that while having an incredible vision and sound strategy are valuable, there can be no change—no progress or eventual resolution—without execution. Read more of Bill Bower’s (SVP – Director of Healthcare) insights here.

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How Intellectual Honesty Drives Successful Healthcare Claims Resolutions

Intellectual honesty enables you to establish what is real vs. what you want to be real. An intellectually honest evaluation not only provides a genuine understanding of a case, it can guide a more accurate determination of whether or not a case should be tried or resolved and, if the latter, help quantify the true value of the case.

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How Outsourcing Claims Management Can Significantly Reduce A Health System's
Total Cost of Risk

This edition of Industry Insights will objectively analyze the decisions of healthcare organizations that are taking on greater amounts of risk in order to achieve more claims control. Read more of Bill Bower's observations here.

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Restaurant & Retail

Partnering with a seasoned team of claims experts is crucial to helping retail and restaurants grow and succeed. From employee health and COVID-19 safety concerns to growing cybersecurity threats, restaurant and retail businesses are experiencing a rising total cost of risk that pressures earnings and cuts into profits. Our team of focused claims professionals specializes in providing quality service and innovative risk management tools that safeguard your brand reputation while securing superior outcomes. From intake to investigation and defense to resolution, we work as an extension of your risk management team delivering 24-hour support and leveraging innovative, cost-saving strategies to facilitate claims resolution at every step of the process.

Regardless of the retail or restaurant market space you serve, we provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs and deliver superior outcomes.


Why Retailers Shouldn’t Ignore the Aging in Managing Workers’ Compensation Risk

With inflation and economic instability, it is unsurprising that a great deal of >65’s are having to postpone long-awaited retirement plans in order to bolster their savings accounts. This edition of Industry Insights delves into the risks associated with a rapidly aging retail workforce.

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Fast-Track Claims and Gift Card Settlements — What’s the Value?

Fast-track claims offer a way to streamline and accelerate claim resolution for small- and medium-sized claims and provide the benefit of improving the customer experience after an incident.


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Improving Claims Outcomes for a Large Retail Client

In the spirit of continuous improvement, GB partnered with a large retail client to evaluate performance and identify additional ways to enhance the program, outlining program challenges, crafting specific and measurable objectives, and continuing to drive improved outcomes.

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Restaurants & Retail: The Benefits of Compassionate Customer and Employee Advocacy

The holidays provide time to reflect on past events, make plans for future improvement, and remind us that having empathy for one another can truly improve the lives of those in our community and the greater world.

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Safe Service: How RMIS Solutions Improve Restaurant Safety

This edition of Industry Insights will analyze how kitchens and restaurants can utilize a RMIS solution to successfully manage restaurant safety programs and improve overall outcomes. Read more of Tim Kelly's insightful observations here.

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Enhancing Knife Safety in the Kitchen to Lower Total Cost of Risk

Given the high frequency of knife injuries in a restaurant and commercial kitchen setting, our experts recently completed a study on restaurant-industry lacerations by reviewing claims from the past five years. Read on to see what Tim Kelly (VP, Client Services) and Brett Herrin (Director of Client Services) found.
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GB Transportation is an integrated practice group dedicated to the unique needs of Gallagher Bassett’s transportation clients. While Gallagher Bassett has provided claims and risk management services to transportation clients for over 50 years, now, with the additional investment, focus and dedicated resources it is better positioned, with a multi-disciplinary team, to focus on pre and post loss best practices that support the unique exposures faced by the transportation industry. Through our collective experience across the GB Transportation Practice and use of analytics we communicate expertise to the external marketplace, provide advice and support to our transportation clients to help them operate profitably.

Commercial Auto and Trucking

Commercial Auto and Trucking

In 2018, the trucking industry had over 60,000 job openings for drivers, says the American Trucking Associations (ATA). By 2021, that number had climbed to 80,000.

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TikTok Trucking

TikTok Trucking: Is that 18-year-old Driving your truck?

We've all seen the headlines, television stories and social chatter discussion supply chain disruptions, which impact every industry.

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Claims People- Gallagher Bassett, Clyde & Co., SBSB Law

Claims People: Gallagher Bassett, Clyde & Co., SBSB Law

Gallagher Bassett Speciality has appointed Doug Betkowski as senior vice president and transportation practice leader for its major case unit.

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GB Construction offers a truly end-to-end risk management technical solution by integrating operational loss prevention with our construction claims and loss control expertise. Working hand-in-hand with GB Technical Services, we are able to provide a suite multi-disciplinary loss control, risk management, loss mitigation, response, resolution, and litigation support through every phase of a construction lifecycle. From making sure the ground is free of contamination pre-construction, to ensuring the safety of a work site, most importantly, workers mid-construction, to testing the air quality inside of the building post-construction, GB Construction and Technical Services are true construction lifecycle partners.

Comprehensive Construction Solutions

Comprehensive Construction Solutions

Through GB Technical Services (GBTS), GB Construction offers a truly end-to-end risk management technical solution by integrating operational loss prevention with our construction claims and loss control expertise.



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Technical Services

Three-Dimensional Integrated Solutions

While traditional third-party administrator (TPA) support for the construction market is two-dimensional, with a focus solely on loss control and loss resolution, Gallagher Bassett (GB) Construction provides an integrated, three-dimensional approach to comprehensively support customers from pre-construction through project close-out

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Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

For more than 30 years, the Principals and Senior Managers of GBTS have been actively involved in assisting our clients in the assessment of environmental risk(s) in their businesses and operations, and managing their projects involving environmental issues.



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Meet Our Subject Matter Experts

Greg McKenna

National Practice Leader – Public Sector
What matters most to me is helping our governmental clients find fiscally-responsible, customer-centric ways to build and protect the public trust through expert claims administration.

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US - Headshot - Doug Betkowski (2)

SVP - Transportation Practice Leader
What matters most to me is helping transportation clients achieve a successful claims outcome that drives savings for their auto liability portfolio.

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Bill Bower FINAL

SVP- Director of Healthcare
What matters most to me is an honest dialogue and strong partnership with our Healthcare clients.

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Tim Kelly

VP - Client Services, Restaurant & Food Service Practice Leader
What matters most to me is fully understanding the entire exposure unique to restaurants and food service clients and bringing together those that manage these exposures to share best practices in safety and claims handling.

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Megan Doah Headshot

Account Executive - Public Sector
What matters most to me is bringing unique solutions to our public sector clients in a time where the market is driving insureds to consider alternative risk management program structures and risk managers are being asked to do more with less.

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Director - Client Services
What matters most to me is developing a strong risk program for our transportation clients that aids the injured worker’s return to health, supports the company financially, and promotes the trucking industry as a vital part of the economy.

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US-Headshot - Greg Perruzzi

SVP - Construction Vertical Managements
What matters most to me is advocating for our construction industry while pushing traditional norms and complacency ( in the marketplace) with innovation and disruption all to bring the level of service, support and outcomes it deserves.

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