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Risk Management

GB helps reduce your TCOR. Backed by an army of talent, a culture where safety comes first, and an unwavering determination to unlock better outcomes, GB is your strongest defense against risk. No matter what you insure or how you protect your team, our risk management specialists can help you lower costs and alleviate pressure and resources on your team. Through the cultivation of a culture where safety comes first and a laser focus on outcomes, GB is your one-stop shop and strongest defense against risk.

Find Out How We Provide Market Leading Expertise

At GB, we have invested in the tools and expertise to build a safer and stronger future for your business. Through this, you will see how we have adapted to the new opportunities and challenges we all now face in the risk management landscape, and lead the industry in corporate governance and other market factors.


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Industry Insights

The GB team continues to invest in the tools and expertise necessary to build a safer and stronger future for your business. Find out how we can help you become bigger by growing better with our handy resources and thought leadership articles.




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LUMINOS: Leverage Hybrid RMIS Solution

Successful risk management professionals understand that data is one of the keys to managing the cost of risk. For five years running, these same risk manager clients have awarded LUMINOS the most comprehensive feature-set ranking in the bundled TPA space and the highest NPS. Over the next five months, we will take a deep dive into our LUMINOS “5s”— each month we’ll share five ways our award-winning RMIS platform continues to be a differentiator. 

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GB has been committed to developing a carrier partnership approach different from the traditional TPA model. This approach has resulted in a dedicated cross-functional team focused entirely on the unique goals and objectives of insurance carriers, MGAs, and alternative risk managers. Built on trust and committed to excellence, we are the industry leader for partnered claims solutions.
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Carrier Solutions

Built on trust and committed to excellence, we are the industry leader for partnered claims solutions.




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Mutual Mid-Market Top Tips

GB’s specialist carrier team shares its advice to meet and exceed the challenges and expectations of an evolving insurance industry. Explore five challenges and how to meet them head-on.



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Six Tips for MGAs and Program Administrators to Find Their Market Differentiator

In the crowded carrier marketplace, it can be challenging for MGAs and Program Administrators (PAs) to stand out and differentiate themselves. With so many players vying for attention, it is essential to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. One way to achieve this is by delivering a successful claims operation.

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GB Specialty is a division of Gallagher Bassett dedicated to providing claims and risk management solutions to the specialty liability marketplace through its industry-specific expertise, skills and services. The team is comprised of professional talent who possess a unique combination of legal and insurance claims expertise, allowing it to successfully navigate the complex, high-severity, and catastrophic claims associated with the following risks: healthcare, transportation, executive and professional liability; cyber, construction, product liability, and life sciences.
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GB Construction

GB Construction provides integrated, comprehensive risk management to our clients, from pre-construction through project close-out.
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Dedicated EPL Partner at Your Fingertips

GB Specialty’s Employment Practices Liability (EPL) team can reduce your exposure and help prevent the next claim from happening.


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GB Healthcare: We Exceed the Expected

The deep expertise of our professional staff, which includes former defense attorneys, insurance claims executives, registered nurses and certified healthcare risk managers, makes us a critical asset to our clients.

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GB's Major Case Unit (MCU)

Transportation companies are experiencing surging insurance rates that pressure earnings and cut into profits. Now is the time to bring added expertise and focus to your transportation claims.


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Technical Services

We provide professional risk management services in the areas of environmental, health and safety, building sciences, forensic engineering, and construction. We provide various environmental consulting, engineering, risk assessment and quantification, construction and remediation management, regulatory compliance support, and risk transfer for many industries across the world.

Comprehensive Construction Solutions

While traditional third-party administrator (TPA) support for the construction market is limited, with a focus solely on loss control and loss resolution, GB Construction provides a comprehensive approach to support clients from pre-construction through project close-out.

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GB Technical Services (GBTS) Investigations provide our clients with the most comprehensive investigative product in the industry. We are designed to efficiently and effectively handle your claim from incident to resolution, providing full-service investigations, construction claim investigations, emergency response investigations, surveillance, desktop investigations, trial preparation, and property adjusting.

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Environmental Health & Safety 

For more than 30 years, the principals and senior managers of GBTS have been actively involved in assisting our clients in the assessment of environmental risk(s) in their businesses and operations and in managing their projects involving environmental issues. We have been leaders in developing innovative, solutions-oriented safety management, loss control engineering and environmental health and safety, and technical training services.

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